Approved University Templates

Athletics Sponsorship Agreement

Master Professional Services Agreement

Mutual Non Disclosure  Agreement**

(**If you are engaging in Research activities, please visit the NU-RES website for the appropriate NDA template)

Clinical Affiliation Agreement

Master Service Provider Agreement

Equipment License Agreement

Facilities Use Agreement

Performer Agreement

Filming Access Agreement

Photographer/Videographer Agreement

Gallery 360 Agreement

Professional Services Agreement ($3,000 and under)

Professional Services Agreement (over $3,000)

Gift Agreement Revocable

License Agreement for Use of Space

Lab Testing Agreement

Service Provider Agreement

Lab Equipment and License Agreement

Sporting Event Agreement

Law Journal Publication Contract

Student Exchange Agreement

CSSS Service Agreement

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Agreement

Alumni Center Rental Agreement

FERPA Confidentiality Agreement

Student Confidentiality Agreement

Talent Agency Release Agreement



The following is a list of pre-approved university templates.  If any of the following are used to contract with a vendor and no changes are made to the template (other than the insertion of the factual information of the contract) and the contract submission checklist indicates that the contract does not require review by the Office of the General Counsel, then the contract may be submitted directly to the Finance Division for signature in accordance with Northeastern University Finance Division direct contract submission process.  If you would like a copy of any of the templates that are not hyperlinked below, please contact