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Revised Procedures for the Business Review of Contracts

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer together with the Office of the General Counsel are implementing revised procedures for the business review of and authorization for all agreements entered into on behalf of the University. The revised procedures are effective October 1, 2015 with full implementation and compliance required by December 1, 2015. The revised procedures, including new checklists and a training power point presentation, are available below.
All proposed University agreements that do not use the Procurement Department’s online purchasing system require review by a designated area contract gatekeeper prior to signing by an authorized University signatory. While unaltered University template agreements will no longer necessitate routing to the Office of the General Counsel for legal review, both altered template agreements and non-template agreements will still require legal review by the Office of General Counsel prior to signing by an authorized signatory.
Training on the new Business Review of Contracts procedures was conducted throughout the summer and early fall. Additional training for new gatekeepers and contract submitters can be provided upon request.
For more information, or to schedule a training, contact the Office of the General Counsel at x2157.
The University maintains a number of standard template agreements which, for a number of reasons, should be used wherever possible to document various types of transactions and/or events at the University. If you have questions about which form is correct for your event or transaction, please contact us.


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